I'm Holly.

While applying for jobs in SF, where I lived at the time, I started taking notes and rating coffee shops based on quality of the coffee, free refills, their outlet situation, neighborhood, etc.

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In 2017 I developed a love for black coffee and started to find joy in exploring new coffee shops around whatever city I was in.

I then accepted a job (coincidentally) that allowed me to work remotely, while still having access to an office...I didn’t realize it right away, but it was a dream come true. This allowed me to work and explore new cities while trying new coffee shops everywhere I went. I wasn’t restricted to the city I lived in.  

Before I knew it, friends were asking me for recommendations for coffee shops to work from in SF since they knew I had a lot of experience, in addition to asking for recommendations from other places I had travelled. I wanted to share all my knowledge and adventures with everyone I could, so I started taking notes and journaling about all my experiences.

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