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Holly Richardson
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Joshua Tree Coffee Company (JTCC) is the best, to put it lightly! This is the only coffee shop near Joshua Tree National Park, so naturally it was one of the first places I went upon driving down Twentynine Palms Highway. While it’s on the main strip, it’s a little unclear where the entrance is. You have to walk through a wooden patio to the door in the back of the building and then wait in the narrow hallway to order. They have a TV screen with different facts about how to roast coffee beans and what makes the roasting process unique. There’s tons of outdoor seating, packed with hikers before and after venturing to the national park. Their nitro cold brew is one of the best I’ve had and it was hard not to go back every day for it! (especially when my airbnb had a Chemex and JTCC beans!)

Good for: the true coffee lover

Coffee: All of the coffee is amazing. It’s worth mentioning twice that their nitro cold brew is silky smooth and delicious. If nitro isn’t your thing, they have regular cold brew and lots of hot options, including americanos and regular drip coffees with multiple non-dairy milk options. While this place is perfect for coffee snobs, my brother and dad who only order basic regular drip coffees, thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Pro Tips: Do yourself a favor and splurge on the $6 bars of fancy dark chocolate, crafted locally using minimal delicious ingredients like cacao, rosemary and espresso beans! Also, plan to buy a bag of beans to take with you on the last day so you can enjoy a taste of Joshua Tree when  you get home. Side note: it got flagged for me at LAX so I was stuck waiting at security for an additional 30 min, but it was worth it!

My all-time favorite flavor

Expect to: smell delicious beans roasting and learn about coffee while waiting in line (since it will be crowded)

Don’t come here if: you need to be inside working

Free refills? Don’t think so, but not positive

Do they roast their own coffee? Yes!

Serves coffee in glass: No, everything is to-go (but bring your own mug!)

Discount for bringing your own mug? Yes

Rewards card: No

Vibes: nice, hippie baristas w/lots of piercings, who are environmentally-aware and know their sh*t about coffee

Crowd: all kinds of people, mostly people in their hiking boots and outdoorsy clothes en route to the park

Food? No, just dark chocolate and a couple packaged protein cookies

Free wifi: Not sure, didn’t use it

Standing desk options: No

Outdoor seating? Yes, all outdoor

Restroom situation: 2 single stalls located on outside patio

Outlets: No

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