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Holly Richardson
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Revival holds a special place in my heart. It’s another one of my go-to east side coffee shops. One thing that stands out about this place is the mindset I find myself in, when consciously choose to come here. It’s typically when I want to be in a really comfortable, relaxing and calm environment. It’s not a scene. It’s not loud. It’s a cozy coffee shop that’s welcoming to everyone and lets you do your own thing. It’s not distracting. The baristas are sweet and nice will have small talk if you want, but mostly keep to themselves. They have a variety of seating which provides different types of spaces so you don’t feel too close to other people with no privacy. There’s high top standing counters, and blue velvet loveseats, ideal for having coffee meetings with friends or significant others. 

The decor is especially unique. Beautiful large paintings line the walls from local artists that are for sale to the public. There’s tons of plants and greenery in cute ceramic pots and fun industrial light bulbs hanging from the ceilings. 

Overall, Revival is very warm and inviting and it’s one of my favorite spots to take guests who are visiting me or end my run here to enjoy post-run cold brew with friends.

More details below!

Vibes: Quiet, calm vibes + good tunes. As I mentioned above, I love coming here to be my myself for quiet work, knowing it’s not distracting.

Good for: peaceful solo work/journaling time or to bring your dog if it’s nice out since they have lots of outdoor seating. 

Expect to: make this your go-to coffee shop once you visit!

Don’t come here if: you want to talk loudly with friends 

Pro Tips: This is a great place to come to support the local Austin community. They donate 10% of their profits to local charities and let you vote on your top choice with a ticket each time you purchase a drink. The charity with the most votes get the donations each quarter. They also are located right next to Kammock, an outdoor adventure hammock store and do some local partnerships with them.

Coffee: I love their drip coffee and cold brew and it’s very affordable. $2.50 for drip + $3.50 for cold brew 

Free refills? No, $1.25 

Do they roast their own coffee? No

Serves coffee in glass: Yes

Discount for bringing your own mug? No

Rewards card: Yes! Paper punch card

Crowd: young professionals working remotely

Food? Yes! They serve local breakfast tacos from Paperboy and have a small assortment of pastries

Free wifi: Yes, pw: ilovepuppies

Standing desk options: Yes - 6 high top options with stools or standing

Outdoor seating? Yes! Picnic tables + additional outdoor seating by food trucks

Restroom situation: 2 clean solo stalls

Outlets: Yes

Hours: 7am-6pm

Temperature: Warm and comfortable

my view from standing counter w/drip coffee

painting by: local artist @not_sorry_art

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